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The Wings of Wind~ B.1- A Blackened Night~ Teaser/Intro

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The Wings of Wind~ B.1- A Blackened Night~ Teaser/Intro

Post by Pink on May 21st 2013, 4:04 pm

"Momma? Please don't go! I will miss you! Please Momma! Stay here! With me! And me!" Little voices were heard.
"You know I must go. This is important." The mother chirped to her children. "I must go."
One stepped forward. "B-but Momma! We don't want you to go!"
"Yeah! We don't want you to go!" The others chimed in sadly.
Wind stepped forward and wrapped her wings around the five owlets. "I will come back. I promise. I will always return. Who else s going to teach you to fly." She squeezed her wings together and her eyes shut. She never wanted to let them go but she knew she would have to. She pulled her wings away and flew out of the nest in the whole in the tree.
"Goodbye Momma! Remember your promise!"

AUTHOR NOTE~ This story was thought up and started last night.


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