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Basic RP Rules

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Basic RP Rules Empty Basic RP Rules

Post by Pink on May 17th 2013, 3:04 pm

1. No godmodding or powerplaying

2. You can have as many characters you can handle. If you feel like you took on too many characters put some up for adoption.

3. You can not be a 2 major characters in the same RP (EX- ForestPack Chief/Luitenant and FieldPack Chief/Luitenant) I MAY accept a 1st and 2nd in command from the same member IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS

4. You cannot kill another members character unless they say you can

5. You must use realistic colors for your character

6. No making your character perfect. There are flaws in everything

7. No double posting. There is an edit button here for a reason. The only exception is if a topic is going inactive, but even then you can PM the other members in the topic

8. Only the owner can fully approve of your characters but the mod(s) can tell you of mistakes

9. To show me that you did take the time to read the rules please put COYOTE at the bottom of your creation


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