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Nocturna Goes Hunting

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Nocturna Goes Hunting Empty Nocturna Goes Hunting

Post by Anima Nocturna on May 18th 2013, 10:04 pm

Nocturna peeked out of the camp and took a look around the field. She was going to go hunting while the moon was still up.

The night was her kingdom.

Padding out of the camp, Nocturna parted her jaws to taste the night air. She soon spotted an antelope, stalked it, and made her kill. With her jaws still around the animal's neck, she headed towards camp with the cool wind tugging at her fur. Her amber eyes were clear and sharp in the darkness. Before long, Nocturna returned to camp and set the antelope in the fresh-kill pile. She looked around for something to do, then she realized that the sun would be rising soon. Nocturna tucked into her nest and fell fast asleep.

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