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Basic Site Rules

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Basic Site Rules Empty Basic Site Rules

Post by Pink on May 17th 2013, 4:44 am

1. You must respect all members but espically those who are a higher rank

2. Remember new members are not stupid, they are exactly as I said- new

3. Do not pester me to make you a high rank. Ranks are given as they are deserved

4. If you have not notified me of an absence and you are inactive for over a month you will be deleted. If you have never posted in a RP area and are not active for 3 weeks you will be deleted. If you have just never posted you will be deleted after 2 weeks. REMEMBER even if you are deleted you can still create a new account and get more active

5. NO spamming, pornography, trolling, etc. If you are found doing any of these things you will receive 2 warnings. If you do not comply you and your IP will be banned. This may seem extreme but it is what is necessary to stop problems from occurring

6. DO NOT start fights. If you are having a problem with someone please PM me.

7. No swearing. Word censoring is on but still try not to swear.

8. No double accounts. Not only will that cause confusion but it will also cause controversy

9. No giving out personal information such as what school you go to or your address

10.Try your hardest to use proper spelling and grammar. I know, from not being good in English, that this can be hard. Just remember to correct mistakes

11. Text speak is only okay sometimes in chatbox but do not over use it

12. and last but not least~ HAVE FUN!


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